“Dear Carmen, I just wanted to give you a hearty recommendation on the wonderful job you did


in preparing and ultimately selling my home at 653 Celestial Lane. Your knowledge of the market conditions as well as your experience in knowing how to prepare and position a property were essential for the rapid ~30 day sale of my home. This made my corporate relocation to the east coast seamless. With respect to market conditions, your suggestions on timing were important since the local market appears to be on the upswing. So your accelerated schedule in coordinating your wide network of tradespeople was essential. Of course, your proven team of professionals made the difference; its clear that you have carefully selected key tradespeople who can deliver. With respect to preparation, your keen insight on what critical areas to remediate was most informative. From the feedback that was received by the buyers and other interested parties, it was clear that the changes made the difference. Finally, your negotiation skills were key to getting multiple bids. The sweet reward of a selling price that was $20k over the asking price was confirmation of your negotiating prowess in a slowly recovering market. Hence, I would strongly recommend your services to my friends or any interested parties.”