“Dear Carmen, I want to personally thank you for doing such great,


professional job on selling my home in Foster City. From the very beginning I knew you were the type of realtor I wanted to list my home. I interviewed several other realtors but you had all the right answers and a terrific reputation. I’m so glad I listed with you. As you know, I’ve been a real estate broker since 1979, dealing exclusively in commercial real estate, so I do know the difference between an average realtor and one that stand head and shoulders above the rest. From the beginning, you came through with the right advice and suggestions. From staging the house, to open houses, to referrals of “fix~it” persons, and even the movers…you were “right on” with your suggestions and solutions. You had exclusive control and entry of my house, in my absence, and you treated that duty as gold. You are trustworthy, loyal to your clients and very smart. You achieved a sale price, in this downturn market, that amazed us all. If you ever need a referral..you can rely on me. I can’t speak more highly on your behalf. Thanks again for doing such a grand job.”