“Dear Carmen, We want to express our sincere gratitude for the extraordinary job you did in selling our home!


The house sold in 13 days and at our asking price in this very difficult market! In looking at all the other listings in our area, we haven’t seen that anywhere else. The advice you gave us to help prepare our home for sale was an excellent start to prepare us for the process. You were very thorough in all the information you gave us about how the sale was going to work, what you would be doing and what would be expected of us. We totally agreed with your recommendation to use Nancy at Habitat Enhancements for the staging, and her work was artistic, inspired and impeccable. We had heard that you have a reputation for being the best at evaluating the correct sale price for homes, and we appreciated the way you educated us on your thinking on this subject and your patience in helping us to come to an understanding. We also appreciated your flexibility in offering us options on pricing and taking the time to lay out clearly what the possible outcomes were for each option. We were aware of the sensitivity you had in helping us through this stressful process. We were very impressed with what you did with the marketing of the house. The brochure is a work of art and your choice of the company to do the photography and website was brilliant! We also saw how hard you worked to make sure that people could find our difficult to locate house –we know you put more time and energy into that than is usually required. And you got a stupendous turnout at the open houses. We are grateful. And lastly, we were so reassured by the way you handled the offers that came in and helped us with the negotiation and decision process. We could see how all the work you had done up to that point made this final step fast, easy and painless. We felt we were in very good hands. All along the way you have been entirely professional and thorough while at the same time being warm and sensitive to our needs. We would recommend you so highly to anyone who is looking to sell or buy a home. It was such a pleasure working with you.”