“Hi Carmen, Thank you for helping us realize our goal


It has been a while since we have wanted to invest in income property but to no avail. When the financial meltdown came along with the housing bust, it further exasperated our goal but the desire of going forward was not thwarted but made us only move forward with more vigor, recongnizing that this could be the opportunity of a lifetime. It was your professionalism and your ability to convey to us through your thorough market anlaysis what was out there for us, but much more than that, the message couldn not have been heard if it had fallen on deaf ears. That’s when trust comes into play’ unless there is trust in the person, the information is not heard and the goal is never realized. We Thank You for your perseverance and hard work, which earned our trust in you and our goal was realized. Carmen, you are a genuine person inside and out. we consider you not only a savvy business person but a friend as well and would highly recommend you to family and friends alike for all their real estate needs.”