“It was truly our pleasure to have Carmen Miranda as our agent during the sale of our home.


She was the utmost professional every step of the way, from the first presentation about two years ago when we first thought about selling until the escrow closing this week. Thanks to her guidance in setting the price and preparing our home for sale, we had multiple offers and got more than $100,000 over the listing price. Carmen’s attention to detail is as impressive as the extensive network of professionals she can tap on a phone call’s notice. What other agent would have been able to get our house on TV and raise a storm of publicity? What I also found refreshing is that unlike other real estate agents. Carmen never put too much pressure, convincing us of her strategy through giving more information. In the end, it was always up to us which way to go. In conclusion, I wish we could use Carmen’s services to buy our next home (moving to Southern Calif). She is the role model for all professionals. That is why I unreservedly recommend Carmen Miranda as the best real estate agent in San Mateo.”