“This recommendation letter is long overdue,


our apologies to Carmen! We first met Carmen several years ago at an open house she had and had a good impression of her. We were just browsing back then, so it wasn’t until we met her again in 2011 that we were able to engage her services. We found her again when a friend needed ours happened to hire Carmen to sell their house. It must have been fate. We needed to find a bigger home due to the upcoming arrival of our twins and we had specific criteria for our home search. After interviewing a couple of other agents and also comparing with our previous agent, we felt certain we wanted to have Carmen help us in our search this time. She is professional, well-prepared, detailed, and client-oriented. She educated us on the pros and cons of each area that we were considering and helped us narrow down our search perimeter. We have to say, Carmen is very understanding and patient of our needs, and being the ultimate professional, she never commented on how quirky our criteria may have seemed to her ? Altogether, our search took well over 8 months. We were a team, she searched and we searched and she would give us feedback on the listings we found/saw on our own. Other agents would not have been so accommodating and preserving, Carmen was great! We lost out on a house we bid on, because the other buyer waived all contingencies, not something a professional agent like Carmen would recommend. In hindsight, it was a good thing we didn’t get that house. We ended up bidding on a short-sale; Carmen thought it was a good deal but at the same time cautioned us about what to expect and what it entailed. We didn’t get the house at first, but because of Carmen’s efforts, she was able to get us in as the back-up offer. We had given up on it and due to Carmen, we ended up being able to buy the house! The short-sale process was lengthy and Carmen helped keep us from losing our minds over the frustrating experience. She worked diligently with the selling agent to keep things from falling apart and never lost her patience. I wondered at times if she was secretly pulling her hair out at home, I must apologize if we caused any of it, so sorry Carmen! We closed escrow in August 2011 and started the renovations shortly thereafter (the house needed repair work). After the sale, Carmen kept in touch and answered any questions we had that came up. Without her, we would not be in our current home. She definitely gets 10 stars from us!!! Recently, we received a call from the Diamond rating service company (the company that gives real estate agents 5-star ratings if they qualify). They asked if Carmen’s diamond-rating influenced our decision to work with her. Honestly, it did not. We would hire Carmen whether or not she had that rating. We didn’t need a rating company to tell us how good she is. But if you rely on that rating when you’re screening agents, we can tell you that Carmen deserves the highest rating! Our advice – go with your gut, have good communications with your agent, make sure you are comfortable with your agent. You are definitely in good hands with Carmen. With the markets stabilizing these days, we were lucky to have gotten the house last year and we could not have done it without Carmen Miranda! Thank you, Carmen, for all your help”