“To California & Hawaii ReMAX Executive Managers, I would like to Thank you


for introducing us to an incredible ReMAX agent, Carmen Miranda, based at ReMAX Dolphin in the Peninsula. While searching for our first home, we interviewed countless realtors. Carmen came to our first meeting with more in hand than did all of the other realtors we had worked for some time. After one meeting with Carmen we dropped all other potential realtors, on the basis that, we knew she was dedicated to our best interest and not solely in the interest of the sale. In addition to Carmen’s in depth knowledge in all sectors of her business, she is refreshingly straight forward, professional and pleasant to work with. Carmen instilled great confidence that we would end up making the best purchasing decision, with her guidance. Bidding wars can be extremely stressful and disappointing to a first time home buyer. We found a great house, unfortunately, several other people wrote offers on the same house. Carmen planned out an effective strategy based on her past experience, and was the only agent to present in person. Something we only see in offers for much more expensive properties. We close on our house in September, and are elated! Thank you for introducing us to our Realtor! Now, I’m even more enthusiastic about next years ReMAX campaign.”