“To echo what so many others have said, Carmen Miranda


is an absolute pleasure to work with. Carmen helped us sell our house as we were in the process of moving out-of-state. She was a total professional in every respect: she gave us an honest evaluation of the sales potential for the house and presented a plan for updating and remodeling the interior in a way that would bring the best “bang for our bucks”. She and her team knew exactly what to do to make our home attractive to contemporary buyers and completely transformed it into a showcase. The money spent on the update and remodel was rewarded by what we got in return with the sale price of the house. We especially appreciate Carmen’s open honesty and frankness with us throughout the entire process, and the effort she put forth in managing her team. This helped us considerably as we were in the throes of moving and relocating early, which meant that we were juggling both the completion of our new home in Wisconsin with the remodel and sale of this house. We were awed by Carmen’s ability to pinpoint the precise range of pricing that was attractive to all of our prospective buyers and resulted in our getting the high end price she had expected.

It goes without saying that we would recommend Carmen in a heartbeat to anyone thinking of selling a home in San Mateo County. Her professionalism, expertise, honesty, and sincerity will ensure that you will not only have a successful sale, but you will enjoy the “journey”! Thank you, Carmen, for all you have done for us!”