“We engaged Carmen to sell our home in Terrabay in South San Francisco


after interviewing several agents. Carmen turned out to be an outstanding choice. Like most realtors, she is very professional and always listened to us and understood what we saw as important. Carmen knew how to market our home, and she even advised us on our staging, which we decided to do ourselves, despite her recommendation to use a professional staging company.

Carmen also knew the local and Bay Area market very well, and she had a great deal of experience with other homes in and around our development. So, her advice on pricing and on when to list, when to hold open houses and when to accept bids, were all spot on. Carmen also impressed us tremendously with her dedicated and tireless attention to detail, her availability and responsiveness, her tenacity in staying on top of the process every step of the way and keeping us informed at all times.

But what really sets Carmen way above the rest, and where we believe we got our money’s worth, is her very savvy negotiation skills and her keen understanding of the psychology of home purchasing. When we started receiving offers, Carmen carefully evaluated each of them, masterfully and ethically communicated with the buyers’ agents and recommended responses and counter-offers that allowed us ultimately to sell at substantially over our asking price, which was a record in our development at the time.

Please speak to Carmen before choosing your next realtor to buy or sell a home.”