Diamond Certified Realtor

Top Performing Realtor Recognized By Name

Top Performing Realtor Recognized By NameSometimes there’s a lot in a name. It might ring a bell. Or, we know instantly what or who it stands for. For example, what’s in the name, Einstein? Everybody thinks of things like great mathematician, genius, Einstein’s theory of relativity. In fact, we recognize a lot of things in people by their names. Take stars and singers. They may make us think of our favorite movies or songs. And, we remember their names for the great performance. That’s true in every industry, including real estate. In fact, a top performing realtor recognized by name is one who has made a long-term, positive impact in results, as well as client and community well being. Also, their reputation is built on trust and a penchant for excellence.

Top Performing Realtor Recognized By Name and Reputation

When it comes to real estate in San Mateo County, one realtor stands out. She has ample name recognition and high marks on reputation. Why? Well, for a few, key reasons. One is incidental. In fact, she has a celebrity name. Although, while she’s not the celebrity, Carmen Miranda, she’s a ‘celebrity’ in her own right. In fact, Diamond Certified Realtor, Carmen Miranda performs at the top of her class. She’s a top performing realtor recognized by name and reputation that people turn to and return to. Also, she’s lived in the area all her life. She knows about it, and she knows real estate!

There are a few solid ways to know you’re getting a top performing realtor on your team. These are many years of experience, lots of great testimonials, high volume of sales. Also, such a realtor will go after lots of ways to improve their skills.  Carmen has all such San Mateo County realtor credentials. In fact, she won the prized, 5 Star Real Estate Agent Award all three of the most recent years in a row.

Carmen may not be a celebrity on the big screen, but she’s a celebrity in the big picture, where people make one of the most important investments in a lifetime. And, for her that counts as more than success. She builds bridges to people’s bright futures in living, working and playing. On the way, she builds high levels of trust and new friendships. That’s the kind of realtor we each should have working on any home selling or buying transaction!

Give Carmen a call (650) 743-7320 or email. Expect to chat with a top performing realtor recognized by name and reputation. Expect to talk with one well-established, ethical and trusted, who has your best interests in mind.