Top Things To Do Before You Sell Your Home

Must-dos and Top Things To Do Before You Sell Your HomeIt’s a given that when  you prepare to sell your home you need to get some things in order. Also, you need to make some improvements. Although, how many may depend on the homes current condition? At the same time, some to dos are almost must-dos in every case. In fact, there are a number of must-dos and top things to do before you sell your home. And, these include what you might already imagine. Things like finding a local expert. What about researching nearby home sales? That’s also a must-do.

Must-Dos and Top Things To Do Before You Sell Your Home

The first top things to do center around connecting with a local expert. Also, they center around researching your local market. In fact, your local expert with get started assisting with that. You find that’s true especially with seasoned professionals and high performance real estate experts like Carmen Miranda. She jumps right in, providing services and support start to finish. If you are a home seller anywhere in San Mateo County real estate, seriously think about hiring Carmen, one of America’s Best Real Estate Professionals.

The next must-dos and top things to do before you sell your home include leaving evaluation of your home improvements and repairs to the professionals. In fact, let their fresh eyes have a look, since there will typically be many things overlooked. That’s not to say you don’t know what needs to be done. Although, it’s common for homeowners to miss significant things having become attached or used to them. By the way, that takes a lot of the stress off of you! Also, it puts you on a direct trajectory to sell that home for top dollar. Now, that sounds like a plan!

Top Things To Do Before You Sell Your Home May Include Staging

Of course, you want to refresh your exterior, And, you want to refresh your interior. New paint, maybe new trim, new molding? Things like that are fairly easy DIY or by the pros. Plus, they make a great impression at open house. By the way, so does a clutter-free home.

Have your real estate expert take many stunning, professional pictures of your home. Although, if you move everything out  before photos and open house, take the next step for best results. In fact, don’t display it empty. Stage it. Why? Staged homes often sell almost 80% faster than non-staged. Also, staging can often snag a 20% premium for you. Now, that’s a sound prospect!

Do you know who can help you with all the above and everything else in the whole selling process?  That’s right. Carmen Miranda. If you’re a home seller in the San Mateo County area, give her a call today.