Towns With Island Homes and Canal Homes

Towns With Island Homes and Canal HomesThe San Francisco Peninsula is home to a great diversity of home types and coveted locations. Although, a lot of people don’t know you can find island homes there, as well. It’s true. In fact, in San Mateo County real estate, there are whole towns with island homes and canal homes. Now, that sounds quite interesting. And, these places are by the bay. As a result, waterfront and island living are a mainstay in two special places, Redwood Shores and Foster City. Plus, these towns are the only ones that can boast of unique central waterways and canals. That sets them apart from any other location in the whole region.

San Mateo County Towns With Island Homes and Canal Homes

If you have a look at Redwood Shores and Foster City from a birds eye view, on a map, the water structures in them dominate and set the stage for everything else. Also, it’s kind of a magnificent thing to view overhead. At the same time, it’s even more alluring down on the surface. That’s where you find oodles of lovely homes on the canals. That’s where you find many of these homes on islands. In fact, some islands make up private, gated enclaves, with stunning luxury homes tucked against a coveted shoreline.

The San Mateo County towns with island homes and canal homes offer up rare opportunities to enjoy quite an exclusive lifestyle. For some, that includes boating to a favorite, local haunt. Also, island homes come up for sale, from time to time. Now, that should be of real interest to anyone with the lifestyle in mind. In fact, if a Redwood Shores or Foster City back drop calls to you, take the first step. Contact an expert. Talk with someone who knows about not only these areas but their real estate markets intimately. Someone like that would have inside info on any unique island homes coming up for sale. Although, they should also have a history in successful, island home sales.

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