Update Your Bathtub While Saving Time and Money

Update Your Bathtub While Saving Time and MoneyWant to update your bathtub? Wow, what an exciting prospect! In fact, you could easily be taking huge steps in upgrading your bathroom, in general! For example, you may also want to totally change out your bathtub arrangement and type. Although, how do you do the updates you want without breaking the bank?? Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to update your bathtub while saving time and money. First, though settle on what you want in appearance and function. Do your research.


Update Your Bathtub While Saving Time and Money On What You Want

With a bathtub upgrade, you might at first have your sites set on a corner tub or garden tub, with lots of Jacuzzi extras. Although, carefully take into account your available space. Unless, you have the extra time and money to also expand the bathroom, work within the bounds of space you have already. In fact, you can update your bathtub while saving time and money in that way and still get much of what you want. For example, let’s say that corner tub, with all the extras is a great idea, but it gobbles up a bit too much space. It also requires a lot of re-plumbing.

On the other hand, you could fit a type of the latest, greatest Jacuzzi tub in the existing alignment, giving up only a handful of inches in space. What would be your choice? Your Jacuzzi tub will be deeper, wider and spa worthy, unlike the old tub. At the same time, little or no re-plumbing required.

Update Your Bathtub While Saving Time and Money, With Ingenuity

Bathtub Tile and Window UpdatesWell, now that that’s out of the way, what about the tub walls, window(s)? With the bathtub, almost always comes updating tub walls and any associated window(s). For example, you have a one piece, tub and wall unit. Now you want to update with stylish tile around the new tub. Maybe you have a window in the same area. As a result, with your tub choice sourced, source your tile. Also, source new window panes. Look at plenty of bathroom pictures. Also, get tips from knowledgeable people. Go for functionality, as well as a look that appeals to you. Tip: If your bathroom’s somewhat small, choose lighter to white tile with some texture or pattern, however subtle. Now, guess what? You’ve just taken huge steps toward upgrading your bathroom in general!

Save Even More By Doing-It-Yourself

Bathtub Update Do-It-YourselfAlthough, you should rely on the experts (a reputable contractor in your area) to put in the tub, let your creative juices flow. Put new tile and any window panes you chose, up yourself. Get a spouse, neighbor, or friend to help out. It’s a little work, although, a lot of fun. In fact, it’ll be more than worthwhile, with the finished product to enjoy!

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