Virtual Showings and Home Selling

Virtual Showings and Home Selling Smart realtors are finding new ways to serve their clients and lose little integrity of business. And, they are ramping up their communications skills, even as the flags of social distancing and masks in public wave. In fact, those waves can be viewed by savvy realtors simply as opportunities. They can be viewed as chances for finding innovative and better ways to operate. At least, some evidence of that can be seen in transitions from open houses, to by appointment only, in-person showings. Or, seen in focused virtual showings. Could those be the next generation of the traditional standby, virtual tours? It’s likely, in at least some key areas of real estate. In fact, keep in mind that virtual showings and home selling, through no actual buyer presence have been done successfully, by some realtors for years.

Virtual Showings and Home Selling, the Future In Real Estate

Your home sellers agent may not subscribe to the total virtual solution. Although, they may be using many aspects of it, undeniably. And, a focus on close communications with you, should be included. For example, more attention to your needs, keeping you updated by email, text and even video chat. In fact, these tools are key to good real estate business now. Not only that, but using them often can produce even better results, in the selling or buying process.

Are virtual showings and home selling the wave of the future? Truth be told, it’s likely, combined with other virtual aspects of business, already in use. Although, do they replace a realtor’s credentials or personal skills? The answer – No. That’s the power behind the virtual engine!

Are you looking for a powerhouse of home selling savvy, in San Mateo County real estate? Do you seek someone who stays ahead of the curve? Someone who follows the wave of the future? How about someone who can innovate? Someone who does that for the best results, in any real estate climate?  In fact, you should clearly seek someone who focuses on keeping you informed. And, how about someone who lets you ride the wave of confidence, to a successful home sale? You know, you may have found them. If you found this blog, you found Carmen Miranda. Why not give her a call today?