When Buying a Home Ask These Questions

When Buying a Home Ask These Questions

When Buying a Home Ask These QuestionsEveryone who’s looking to buy a home has questions. That’s natural and essential. In fact, home buyers are in a need to know position about many things. They want to get their facts right and satisfactorily understand the playing field. Of course, that is especially true for first time home buyers. Although, while true, buyers often don’t know all the questions they should ask. So, with that in mind, I’ve provided some tips. When buying a home ask these questions. Then, ask your realtor to fill in the blanks.

When Buying a Home Ask These Questions With Your Realtor’s Help

1. You should know the home’s sales history. Why? Since the home’s sales history points to what the seller might expect you to pay, it’s important. Although, also take a look at what comparable homes are selling for now. That’s where the home’s true market value gets primarily based.

2. You should know if the seller made any major repairs or remodels to the home. For example, they redid the kitchen. Maybe they added a room. For your benefit, get a look at the receipts. It will give more of a good idea of how much money went in and how much money the seller hopes to get. Although, remember that upgrades only reap about 64% return on average.

When Buying a Home Ask These Questions and More

3. How much are the property taxes? Like the home’s sales history, you can typically find property tax history in the listings details page. So, it’s usually any easy to get answer on your own. Although, keep in mind, the historical cost, may differ from what you pay. That’s due to its basis in a percentage of the value of the home.

4. What are the monthly maintenance and utility costs? For example, if the home is in a homeowners association, you sure want to know the HOA fee amount. Also, get the details on the home’s power. Is it gas, oil, electric or a combo? Find out what the monthly bill is on that, water, waste removal and any other resources that apply.

There are lots of other questions. I know, if you are a home buyer, you likely have many more than answers. Let me get those for you. In fact, check out my San Mateo County real estate report for facts, figures and more answers to pressing questions you may not even know to ask yet. CarmenMirandaSMC.pdf

Contact me to get a solid handle on your home buying game plan. Then, get ahead of the game with an expert, San Mateo County realtor moving the ball!