When Is Prime Time to Sell a Home

When is Prime Time to Sell a HomeDifferent home sellers often have many different questions. Although, at least one question may be the same for all. And that’s, “When is prime time to sell a home?” It’s true, even if you’re not planning to sell, think about what you’d want to know, if you were. In fact, you would definitely want to target the most opportune time to get it done. As a result, that’s a burning question. And, a lot of people need to know. That said, real estate pros in the know should have the answer. At the same time, the dynamics of a seller’s situation and the local market may dictate much of what that answer will be. Generally though, one answer fits all.

When Is Prime Time to Sell a Home, in 2020?

People intent on selling their home in 2020 should especially be interested in timing. They need to know when is prime time to sell a home. And, now’s the time to have their plan rolling. Why? Since Spring is historically the best time to sell! As a result, planning and prepping should already be on. That way, sellers can be ready for the Spring-Summer uptick in home purchase activity.

Small and at least some large repairs and upgrades, not impacted by winter weather should be rolling. Then, they can be finished ahead of schedule, or by 2nd quarter, 2020. And, sellers can enter into the next phase smoothly. In fact, they can enlist the full real estate services of an expert in their market. At the same time, allow that pro to focus on the details and steps of the process, for them. Although, what if sellers could find an expert, who not only does that but jumps in to provide excellent advice and staging services for their home? Now, that would be awesome, since great staging frequently translates into a prompt, winning sale!

Do you plan for a 2020 sale of your home in San Mateo County real estate? Spring’s the best time to make it happen. Just ask Carmen Miranda. She’s an expert sellers agent, in the know, who includes staging assistance. And, now’s the time to put her on the team. In fact, she can ‘move the needle’, whatever phase in preparations you find yourself. Although, don’t take anyone’s word for it. Look at her sterling, San Mateo County Realtor credentials. Also, view some of her happy client testimonials. Then, why not contact Carmen today?