Why Choose to Live In Belmont CA

Why Choose to Live in Belmont CAWhen it comes to places to live on the San Francisco Peninsula, many stand out. Although of those, some shine. When it comes to gracious, relaxed, upscale living, that is. And, there are a few places where that is clearly the main focus. In fact, Belmont makes the grade in that category. As a result, it’s not a question of why choose to live in Belmont CA. It’s a question of why not choose it, for living, working and playing? At the same time, some may need an introduction to this beautiful, residential area.

Why Choose to Live In Belmont CA, San Mateo County

Belmont is a close-knit community. At the same time, its neighborhoods are spread out nicely, in a purely suburban fashion. It’s a profile framed in hills and woodsy back drops. Starting to see how it makes the grade?

Why choose to live in Belmont CA? Well, besides its secluded, quiet neighborhoods, it hosts hundreds of unique, upscale homes. And, these homes typically include luxury extras. In fact, expect to find many homes with breathtaking views.

You could say Belmont is a bedroom community. And, you would probably be right. Although, it includes plenty of conveniences, attractions, schools and parks. close at hand. That said, it’s gorgeous back drop and wide array of stunning homes sets the stage. When it comes to the homes, expect to find great profiles in curb appeal and impeccable landscaping. Also, whatever the variety in unique home types, expect to find large, open floor plans. In fact, expect to find these in 1-story, 2-story, split-level and more styles.

Since Belmont is also known for its graceful foothills and open spaces, expect nature trails and parks. And, expect a countryside feel. In fact, that’s especially easy to find in neighborhoods hugging parkland like Water Dog Lake Park & Open Space.

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