Window Dressing

Window Blinds Vs Curtains

Window Blinds vs CurtainsDecorating a home can be quite satisfying, but it can also be challenging. One of the toughest projects can often center around window dressing. It’s hard many times to connect the dots between a room’s size and mood and how the window(s) will complement that precisely. Even if you already have a solid image of what the window should look like, it’s own shape and location will dictate a lot about what you should and shouldn’t do. It often boils down to window blinds vs curtains. Blinds have an edge on functionality and style. Curtains have an edge on drama and decoration.

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Choosing Between Window Blinds vs Curtains

Finding yourself trying to decide between blinds and curtains for your window is not uncommon. It happens a lot, since the choices for both are stunning and many nowadays. Although you’ve got to narrow it down between window blinds vs curtains, how do you actually achieve the best end result? How to you achieve the solution that clearly brings your room to life?

Be open to whatever will most enhance the setting and mood. Be willing to make the trade offs necessary between your vision and the form of the room. For example, you may much prefer curtains, but blinds may add just the right style and balance.

If you are really unsure about what will create the perfect look, be open to colors, brands and style options. Head to the store of your choice. Compare lots of free color samples, brands and styles. Look at pictures in the store catalogs. Ask plenty of questions. Reach out to a home decor team member present.

If you are still undecided over window blinds vs curtains, after doing your due diligence and research, don’t dismay. Your ideal solution is likely a combination of both. Go ahead and get those delightful, custom blinds you love. Get that sensational valance or curtain set that will strike the right chord, right balance and tone. Done, problem solved, your ideal window dressing revealed!