ABCs of Selling a Home

ABCs of Selling a HomeThe first step in the ABCs of selling a home begins with committing to the process of putting the home up for sale. Once the commitment is made, the realities of selling start setting in. The next step involves an answer to the obvious question, “How much is my home worth?” You will want to go with the value you place on your home. In almost every case, that is a value that won’t jive with the actual market. The actual market value can be elusive, though. It’s not easy to figure out on your own. So where to you go from there? Enlist a realtor that can extract the data you need to make a wise decision. The realtor will take into account pricing considerations, comparable sales, market conditions, offering incentives and estimated net proceeds.

The ABCs of Selling a Home Include Using A Realtor

Why use a realtor? They can help you understand everything you need to know in the home selling process. The best realtors can take it to the next level with value-added service, right down to assistance with the details of home staging. Diamond Certified realtors like Carmen Miranda will make your goals hers and make sure you are satisfied and pleased with the outcome. That’s the kind of help you want and need when making one of the biggest financial decisions in your lifetime. A real estate professional of this caliber is your beacon of light on the murky world of the selling process.

The ABCs of selling a home include the all important step of marketing. Your home has to be marketed right and strategically. Your realtor will know exactly what to do and where to put the listing. With Carmen Miranda helping you, It will get marketed across a broad sea of exposure, from her personal website, to all the major real estate directories, to social media and more.

Now that you’ve settled on a list price, and enlisted a realtor to work with you, who will market the house right the first time, you want to get your home ready to show. The sooner, the better, and preparation is tantamount to making the best impression at an open house. Spend as little money as possible on exterior and interior improvements. Give your home a sense of ‘sparkle’, without breaking the bank. Ask your diamond certified realtor for advice. Carmen Miranda will be able to help you with all sorts of insights and recommendations that you won’t want to go without, and with the help of Compass Concierge, you can have all the upgrades paid without fees/interest and have it deducted upon close of escrow.

Get ready, get set to sell you home fast, once it is staged. Carmen will see to that. You will have all the guidance and professional assistance you can imagine with her value-added service and years of experience backing you up. You will get the highest price and enjoy peace of mind! You will shine and your home will sparkle with a diamond certified realtor on your team! Contact Carmen today.