San Bruno Crestmoor Neighborhood Real Estate

San Bruno Crestmoor Neighborhood Real Estate

San Bruno CA is the well-established, well-built-out town you find, south/southwest of South San Francisco. And, San Bruno edges the bay, as well as a huge open-space preserve. In fact, many of the town’s neighborhoods formed near what is now the San Francisco International Airport. Although, on the west side, many formed near an expanse of rolling hills, stretching toward the Pacific, uninterrupted. As a result, neighborhoods like Crestmoor, in this neck of the woods have a countryside feel. At the same time, San Bruno Crestmoor neighborhood real estate comes with lots of relaxed, gracious living in tow. And, many homes spread out on gently meandering streets, intermingled with green spaces.

San Bruno Crestmoor Neighborhood Real Estate Features

San Bruno Crestmoor Neighborhood Real Estate
Crestmoor is one of the loveliest of neighborhoods in San Bruno. Not simply due to its prime location. Also due to its master planned features. At the same time, it has a secluded, yet sophisticated vibe. Although, there’s no better way to get a good sense of the neighborhood than to have a look at some of its homes. And, that’s easy to do, since you can find a San Bruno home for sale at 121 Madison Ave., now. In fact, when it comes to single family homes, it merits a look close up.
Hundreds of upscale homes crown the San Bruno Crestmoor neighborhood real estate back drop. And, the one for sale at 121 Madison Avenue is an ideal example. It reflects much of what you can expect from this prime, suburban area. In fact, it peers out, from a hillside niche, over a peaceful street. At the same time, it backs up to a lush, wooded green space. As a result, it offers upscale living features, infused with a woodsy vibe. Although, expect plenty more in the way of great schools, parks and nature trails. Also, since Crestmoor is quite close the I-280, expect much in convenient location and ease of commuting.
Find more details on the Crestmoor neighborhood. Simply contact a local area expert. And, for details on the area’s homes, contact a local area expert and real estate pro.


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