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Other key neighborhoods in the 429-435 MLS area: Homestead Husing, San Mateo Knolls, Laurelwood, Baywood Park, Western Hills, De Anza Heights, The Highlands, San Mateo Woods Bayridge, Foothill Terrace, Laurel Creek Farms

San Mateo Terrace, Baywood Park and Homestead areas are three more popular neighborhoods in San Mateo, California. They rank high on the list of desirability with a tucked away location, while close to all the action. They can be found north of Hillsdale Blvd. and west of Alameda de las Pulgas. These are quiet neighborhoods and great places to live, work and play. San Mateo Terrace real estate consists of quiet, residential niches with Hillsdale High School and the Peninsula Country Club (near Beresford) edging it. A small population guarantees the area will always be relaxed and uncongested. San Mateo Terrace homes for sale are prizes when in comes to location, upscale features and affordability. They can be found often for less than a lot of other single family homes in West San Mateo.

Features of San Mateo Terrace Real Estate and the Area

San Mateo Terrace is a neighborhood in San Mateo, California that has a lot of post war development. Many of the homes in San Mateo Terrace real estate, for example were products of David Bohannon’s suburban dream. Their production began around 1947. A large percentage of homes in adjacent Baywood Park and Homestead are smallish, around 1,500 sq. ft., making them more affordable for people. A lot of them can still be found for under $1M. Plenty of larger view homes can also be found in these markets, including San Mateo Terrace homes for sale. They usually range from about $1.2M to 1.4M.

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