Five Star Realtor - Carmen Miranda

Five Star Professional Diamond Certified Realtor

Five Star Professional Diamond Certified RealtorFive Star Professional is an organization active for about 13 years now. Its purpose is to research real estate markets and real estate agents across the country. Also, It honors a handful of the best of the best in the real estate world periodically. This year, they included recognition for a San Mateo County realtor. In fact, it’s a realtor who already sports some great awards. In addition, it’s a realtor who has worked quite hard and applied herself well. As a result, she earned the Diamond Certification. She is none other than Carmen Miranda, now a Five Star Professional Diamond Certified Realtor, for 2016.

If you want an idea of why Carmen was chosen, it might help to read what she says. In fact, it might give you a view into her approach. She once said, “I know what I do affects clients lives and strive to utilize my years of real estate experience in advocating, representing and negotiating for my clients.” Now, those seem like the words of a real expert and professional. And, they point to the reasons why Five Star Professional Recognizes Carmen Miranda, Diamond Certified of Alain Pinel Realtors, as a 2016 Five Star Real Estate Agent Award Winner!

Five Star Professional Diamond Certified Realtor, Carmen Miranda

Earlier in the month, Five Star Professional listed its award winners in San Francisco Magazine. The featured article showed a select group of San Francisco area real estate agents. The group represents an elite 2% of realtors. While they all earned the Five Star award, what a special thrill to see Carmen among them.

Carmen MirandaTake a look at the full article featuring Five Star Professional Diamond Certified Realtor, Carmen Miranda. It just might lift your spirits to know realtors like her exist. It just might do your heart good to know she can help you in the San Mateo County real estate market. In fact, you can get real peace of mind knowing she does that with stellar skill and customer care.

Five Star Professional is pleased to announce Carmen Miranda, Diamond Certified, Alain Pinel Realtors, has been chosen as one of San Francisco’s Five Star Real Estate Agents for 2016.

How does Five Star Professional find their candidates? Well, they really do a lot of research. In fact, they look into more than 45 markets across the states. In addition, they contact thousands of home buyers. They get feedback on what these folks think of their realtors. Read the article to find out more. Although, in it you’ll mainly learn what sets Carmen apart. You’ll learn why she’s a Five Star Professional Diamond Certified Realtor for 2016. Finally, you’ll learn why this isn’t the first time Carmen has been an award winner!