Home Air Conditioning Vs Ceiling Fans

Home Air Conditioning Vs Ceiling FansA lot of people and various pundits will tell you air conditioning in the home is a must. Also, for many of us, it’s seen as a necessity. Although, did you know that fans are often much less problematic and inefficient than air conditioning? In fact, ceiling fans keep the house pretty cool, even on the hotter days. What’s more, they cost a lot less to run in electrical bills. When you compare home air conditioning vs ceiling fans, you find a lot of upside in using fans.

In fact, ceiling fans in all or most of your rooms also makes for increased home value and aesthetic appeal. And, with such a variety of styles to choose from, you are sure to find the right one(s) that add beauty, as well as functionality to your inside space. For example, take a look at models in places like Lowes or exclusive lighting stores in your area. You find many, with all sorts of great looks on display.

Comparing Home Air Conditioning Vs Ceiling Fans Gives Fans an Edge

Home Air Conditioning Vs Ceiling Fans - Many Stunning LooksLet’s look now at the functions of a ceiling fan. Firstly, they provide a ‘wind-chill’ effect that keeps you cool on hot days. Secondly, during cold spells, their reverse setting circulates hot air that naturally rises to the ceiling. As a result, the hot air blows back down into the room. What’s more, these efficient, yet simple-to-use functions save on energy costs.

Comparing home air conditioning vs ceiling fans gives us quite a thumbs up on energy savings. In fact, anytime you shop for a fan, look for the Energy Star label. That’s going to get you additional energy perks. The Energy Star standard makes it possible for you to save up to 40% on cooling costs. In the winter, expect to save up to 10% on energy use.

Ceiling fans bring beauty, increased value and significant, energy cost savings to the home. With that in mind, they may even take the home improvement sector by storm. Also, they are not that hard to install. As a result, why not add them to your home’s beauty and functionality today?

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