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Home Lighting Appeal Should Include Energy Savings

Home Lighting Appeal Should Include Energy SavingsIn the last blog, energy savings was discussed, as it applies to ceiling fans. Although, when it comes to home energy use, lighting also becomes a main part of the discussion. How you use it and where matters hugely. In fact, it matters for both energy use and added appeal. In addition, well-selected lighting adds lots of value to a home. As a result, home lighting appeal should include energy savings.

One sure fire way to get the lighting in your home up to snuff is to shop for Energy Star types. Although, while you do, keep functionality front and center. For example, you might want that great track lighting feature, but will it serve the purpose that you have it in mind? Could it be that a torch light, or portable light, i.e., table lamp, would do a better job?

Home Lighting Appeal Should Include Energy Savings and Functionality

It’s easy to get side tracked when shopping for lighting. Why? There is a vast number of fixtures and styles. In fact, you find them made for nearly as many functions as the styles they come in. Also, proper and prime lighting plays a huge role in home improvement. As a result, makers flood the market with a dizzying amount of selections. That said, let’s get back on track and stay focused.

Home lighting appeal should include energy savings and functionality. Keep functionality and wise energy use ahead of everything else. In fact, that will automatically help you narrow down the playing field. As a result, you avoid wasting a lot of time. You find your lighting project and search more enjoyable!

Here’s a quick run down of the main types of lighting found today. It should help you narrow down what you want and need in your project. Also, it should even lead you to do some fine tuning for what you have in mind.

  1. General Lighting – Examples of general, include ceiling fan lights or a table lamp. These provide the primary illumination for an otherwise unlit room.
  2. Task Lighting – Examples of task, include reading lights, even makeup lights.
  3. Accent Lighting – Examples of accent, include lights on pictures, plants, cabinets, or other items you want to showcase. Accent lighting adds a whole new, amazing level of visual appeal.

Home Lighting Sources

Here’s a quick run down of lighting sources for your project:

  1. Incandescent
  2. Fluorescent
  3. HID
  4. LED

Home Lighting Appeal - Lighting SourcesLED has received a lot of fame lately. While fluorescent, for example, also saves plenty on energy. Although again, keep the focus on function and the affect you want, with an Energy Star standard. If you can’t fit that standard into the style you like, have another alternative to choose from.

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