Homes With Self Cleaning Windows

Homes With Self Cleaning Windows

Homes With Self Cleaning WindowsA lot of us have heard of self cleaning windows by now, but do we really know how they work? Most of us are just overjoyed to know the often unpleasant task of window cleaning can be primarily done away with. That’s all we need to know. Although, there are a number of things about homes with self cleaning windows that we should know. Besides making our lives easier, are they also just as beautiful as windows cleaned by hand?

Homes With Self Cleaning Windows – The Upside and Downside

Self cleaning windows in a home are almost a necessity for some, especially in homes with many hard to reach windows. Light penetration does not diminish by more than about 5 percent through self cleaning, either. Why does it diminish at all? Well, here’s where it behooves us to learn a little bit more about how they work.

Homes with self cleaning windows are homes with more than glass in the window frames. They are homes with titanium coating on the outer window panes. That’s why you get a tiny bit less light penetration. The coating is only about 10-25 nanometers deep. It is mostly invisible. When the sunlight hits the coating, a chemical reaction starts. The reaction chips away at dirt at the lowest levels. When it rains, water doesn’t bead up like it does on a regular window. Water forms sheets that evenly spread out and wash the dirt away. Once the chemical reaction gets activated after installation, it’s a work in progress with sunlight and rain as catalyst and cleanser. In the San Mateo County area, we have plenty of both. Homes with self cleaning windows are great benefits. They have added value, with the titanium coating engineered to last for the lifetime of the window.

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