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Staging a Home to Sell For Top Dollar

Staging a Home to Sell for Top DollarAlmost everyone would agree today that things aren’t as simple as they used to be, in the ‘good ‘ol days’. When it comes to selling a home, the same seems true. For example, preparing and staging a home to sell for top dollar has become practically a science, in itself. There’s a definite play book and strategy behind it that most highly skilled realtors swear by. They’ve done the research and home work. They’ve run the numbers. It all adds up to a wind fall in higher selling prices. Some realtors almost stake their careers on it. Additionally, they partner with professional home decorators and landscapers to cinch the curb and interior appeal of the home.

Preparing and Staging a Home to Sell For Top Dollar

Before a home seller can stage their home, they must make any repairs and improvements necessary. New paint, sometimes new carpet, new light fixtures, tile, you get the picture. And where the seller may fall short with what can and should be done to lift their home out of the doldrums of existence into new life, an expert sellers agent can fill them in. Maybe its a new window dressing, maybe it’s a new screen door, or new, brighter lighting in the kitchen and bathrooms. The home seller reaps many benefits with a realtor who is an expert on preparing and staging a home to sell for top dollar. They get the benefits of efficiency in the process and dramatic results in improvement throughout preparation.

Now, when it comes to actually staging the home, Carmen Miranda, expert sellers agent in San Mateo County real estate has a few valuable, home staging tips.

Carmen’s Tips On Preparing and Staging a Home to Sell For Top Dollar

In summary, Carmen says the seller should minimize the amount of bulky items found in any rooms. This puts instant emphasis on the space and the flow of the home. Naturally, she suggests ridding the home of any clutter. Of course, sellers should put away personal belongings, valuables and documents. Lastly, she can get her professional stager involved for the final, major touches. Also, she can bring in her team of landscapers for the final touches outside. The results are no less than stellar. They present the home in showcase condition. They put all the home’s best assets front and center, bringing them to life!

That’s some of the science behind staging a home to sell for top dollar. To get the full scoop and benefit, ask Carmen Miranda to give your home a walk through. She’ll take care of the rest. She knows her stuff. She’s geared up and ready to get you big dollars in a higher selling price!