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Terra Bay Village Sterling Terrace

Terra Bay Village Sterling TerraceIn previous blogs, we talked about Sterling Terrace and gave it ample attention. In them though, an enclave was only mentioned. You might recall Terra Bay Village. It currently hosts a luxury home for sale. In fact, that’s one of the things that makes it stand out. Although, besides its homes, Terra Bay Village Sterling Terrace has a whole lot more going for it. You see, its master-planned development covers a one-of-a-kind, coveted location. Its closest to San Bruno Mountain State Park, in the Sterling Terrace/Stonegate area. In fact, its gently meandering streets, literally creep up the edge of the park’s foothills and valleys. It’s an ideal location if you want to feel close to nature, while at the same time, close to everything around the San Francisco Bay. Oh, and did I mention, You get the wow factor in bay views from many of Terra Bay Village homes!

Terra Bay Village Sterling Terrace and Terra Bay Village Homes

Yes, It’s a place you want to talk about. And, it’s easy to talk about Terra Bay Village, with so many delightful features in living, working and playing. When it comes to playing, Terra Bay has its own gymnasium and recreation center. It also has baseball fields. Of course, lush San Bruno Mountain State Park has trails and plenty of open space to explore. When it comes to education, Hillside Elementary School sits right next to the baseball fields. It’s also has the state park in the back drop. There’s also Hillside Christian Academy just across the street.

The village even has its own fire station, but let’s take a look at Terra Bay Village homes now. In fact, let’s view that home currently for sale. It will give us a close up on quality of life and gracious living in the enclave. Check out 101 Northcrest Dr. Find out more about this South San Francisco home for sale. When you do, you should get a real sense for quality and prestige. You should get why Terra Bay Village Sterling Terrace homes have a coveted edge.